Easy Ways Use The Zoom App For Meetings


As for the response on the mobile browser support. Please note that you can join meetings from your mobile browsers via our plugin except for IOS which is not supported by Zoom. The support for mobile browsers other than IOS is not provided by Zoom but they still work. While the plugin and its integration is mobile-friendly, since Zoom and its SDK itself doesn’t support mobile web browsers, you cannot launch zoom on mobile without using the app.

An option to password-protect meetings is handy, but in practice doesn’t feel that secure. If you’re invited to a Zoom meeting, you don’t need to create an account. However, you will see a prompt to download the Zoom Meetings application. Downloading the app is optional, as you can connect via a web app just fine. The installed app does give you an optimized experience, however. Zoom Meetings has apps for Android, Linux, macOS, Windows, and the web.

Log into carmenzoom.osu.edu with your lastname.# and university password. Click “Share” in the last column of the recording you want to share. Press the pencil icon next to the recording title. Working from home may be a fantastic thing for people who waste much time on commuting to the work environment.

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However, the laptop version doesn’t take the cake every time, seeing as images from the Cloud can only be shared via the phone app. So, if you have a document, image, or video that you want to share from your Cloud files, make sure you start the call on your phone instead of your laptop. So you’re ready to download Zoom, because the FOMO is real, but you don’t know whether you should get the desktop version, or the mobile version. Lucky for you, while there are slight differences between Download Now Zoom on your phone versus laptop, the app functions sufficiently on each device, so you can’t really go wrong. What it all comes down to is what kinds of features, beyond basic group video conferencing, you’ll want to utilize. Have you ever walked out of a meeting and thought, “Wait, what did the boss ask me to do again?

  • It’s the blue icon that has an image with a plus (+) sign.
  • By the same token, get in the habit of being verbally explicit, especially while walking students through a screen demonstration.
  • You can also share your screen, present to the attendees, and use whiteboarding features.
  • When you are on the Zoom website, if you are asked if you want to open Zoom, click “Open zoom.us.” Zoom opens, showing you a preview of your camera image.

You can also find links to all your recordings on the Zoom desktop client by clicking the Meetings tab, then the Recorded tab at the top of the left panel. You’ll see a list of all the past meetings you’ve recorded locally and to the cloud, and you can select the meeting you want to view. The vendor’s documentation on Allowing a Participant to Record covers this topic.

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Local recordings are not supported on Android and iOS. To access recordings and record via a mobile device, you will need to have a paid account with cloud recording capabilities. Meetings can be recorded locally to your computer. To share these files with others, you can upload files to a file storage service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or any alternative. The host has the ability to record meetings and can restrict or extend these permissions to participants of the meeting and other Zoom users. The Personal Meeting Room is ideally suited for meetings with people you trust, or whom you have meetings with frequently or sporadically.

At the bottom-right corner of the list of participants, click “More” to open a menu. At the bottom of the Zoom meeting, click the small arrow to the right of the green Share button. Turn off Allow Removed Participant to Rejoin to ensure that if a participant is removed for inappropriate behavior, they cannot rejoin. Once Zoom is added to a Canvas course, you can access Zoom from Course Navigation.


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